Bashkir miner caused up to 2 million rubles worth of damage to power companies

Residents of Kirovsky district of Ufa (Bashkiria) complained to power engineers about low voltage in the network.

The power supply company decided to find out the reason. Its employees came to the street whose residents had sent the complaint and found that someone had connected one of the garages to a transformer.

After appropriate checks, the power company quickly determined that this garage was running a mining farm, illegally connected to the grid.

Aidar Yangirov, representing Bashkirenergo, told reporters that the crypto-mining equipment consumed more than 100 kW, which naturally led to a voltage drop in the common and network. This is what caused dissatisfaction among local residents.

According to preliminary data, the total amount of damages is about 2 million rubles. Now the power engineers will try to recover compensation from the owners of the mining farm through the court. Law enforcement authorities have already started an inspection based on the statements of the victims.

Note that the scale of underground mining has increased sharply in many countries, including Russia. In other European countries, local power engineers also periodically find token mining devices clandestinely connected to networks.