Bitcoin price forecast predicts time for $ 100,000, Ripple co-founder shifts $ 115 million in XRP & this billionaire continues to bet on BTC

Bitcoin price rises sharply and can record price gains. The picture shows a price curve as well as stacked bitcoins.

Welcome to our CryptoMonday weekly review of week 39! As usual, there was a lot to report this week and so it is not surprising that we can come up with a whole range of interesting news for you again.

Our topics this week range from a Bitcoin price forecast for the next 10x, to a possible increasing selling pressure for the XRP price by one of the Ripple co-founders, a Norwegian energy giant who also wants to get involved in BTC mining, to the question of whether Bitcoin as an investment object continues to enjoy the trust of the billionaires in space.

Of course, that’s not all by far! But much more should not be revealed at this point, because in the following we have prepared the highlights of the last week for you in the usual outfit, bit by bit and easily digestible.

But that’s enough of the preface. Have fun with our CryptoMonday weekly review!

Afterwards, let us know what the most exciting or significant events were for you this week and discuss them with our community on Telegram .

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Bitcoin price forecast: That’s how long BTC investors have to wait for another 10x

The pseudonymous crypto strategist, who accurately predicted the collapse of the Bitcoin price from $ 11,600 to $ 6,400 in 2019, again unpacked his „crystal ball“ and recently marked the moment when he believed that the Bitcoin price would break out and his Ascent will begin to $ 100,000.

When exactly that should be and how this Bitcoin price forecast came about, we have taken a closer look in this article .

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen moves USD 115 million to XRP – is a dump coming?

The massive hype surrounding Ripple and XRP throughout 2017 created a huge community that continued into 2018 and 2019. However, this community of investors seems to be disappearing more and more recently.

Interest in Ripple and XRP has been dented somewhat since 2017 as the lack of significant banking partnerships and adoption has slowed cryptocurrency growth. Nevertheless, it is still one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Many investors are still holding onto their coins in the hope that the price will rise in the future.

One short-term event that could put some pressure on Ripple and XRP is a $ 115 million transaction by Chris Larsen, a former Ripple executive. Some from the community now fear further selling pressure from selling the tokens via OTC trading. Learn more.

Does Bitcoin continue to enjoy the trust of BTC investors worth billions?

Pay with Bitcoin? US dollar, bitcoin and yuan: three global currencies

What happened to the big BTC investors? Are you still bullish about the future Bitcoin price?

With the founder of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya, nothing seems to have changed in this regard. He announced in a recent September 23rd tweet that he was still topping up his Bitcoin holdings. You can find out what his assessment of Bitcoin looks like in this article .