Crypto Weekly # 115 – Cryptocurrency news of the week

News about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is in constant turmoil. It can happen that vital information gets lost in the daily news flow and you miss important points.

This format is there to remedy that. We come back to the news of the past week in the Crypto Weekly to keep you informed on the current situation of cryptocurrencies.

For this week’s must-see, we’re going to zoom in on the four biggest DeFi protocols at the moment . Often discussed in the news, let’s review together what they offer!

The challengers

The DeFi ecosystem is gathering more and more capital within it. In addition, it has just passed the $ 10 billion mark involved in its protocols.

At the top, we find 4 protocols which alone bring together more than half of the liquidity with 6.44 billion dollars, or 61% of the ecosystem. We are obviously talking about MakerDAO , Uniswap , Aave and Curve .


Long in the lead, then dethroned in turn by each protocol that has proposed on liquidity mining, MakerDAO is back in his place as head of DeFi. MakerDAO can be considered as one of the founding protocols of the DeFi ecosystem by being at the origin of DAI.

In addition, the platform allows users to deposit their cryptocurrency and earn interest on it. Who says deposits says loans, which the platform also allows.


Uniswap has always been at the top of the DeFi table. Once again, it is one of the founding protocols of the DeFi ecosystem. It was one of the first to offer an exchange system thanks to liquidity pools as well as the AMM architecture .


Although he is not one of the founders of DeFi, Aave has carved out a place of choice by always bringing more innovations. This project is at the origin of flash loans , delegations of loans, fixed rate loans,… A whole bunch of functions hitherto non-existent in decentralized finance.


Curve is the latest addition to this DeFi GAFAM team. While it is the youngest protocol, that doesn’t stop it from raising over $ 1 billion in cash . Indeed, it has stood out by targeting a specific market, namely the stablecoins market .