Trade Republic Review

Trade Republic’s online account for securities in one glance: A comprehensive review of the broker’s online as well as the trading options and fees for trading securities. Additionally, you will find the most recent results, test reports and investor reviews from customers.

Trade Republic Test Reports

The broker on the internet Trade Republic from Berlin has been in operation since January, 2019. The Berlin-based company is one of the newest institutions in the world that offers low cost online brokerages.

Regarding the trading possibilities, Trade Republic Bank GmbH provides its customers with the option of trading on mobile devices. Investors can trade up to 7300 shares and 500 ETFs, and more than 40,000 derivatives using the internal trading app. The range of trading options is limited. Trade Republic customers can only make their purchases on the Lang & Schwarz Exchange (LSX). Investors looking to trade derivatives may only make use of one offer and trade services from HSBC only.

In terms of the issue of trading charges, Trade Republic is one of the most affordable online brokers. Trade Republic does not charge any commission for orders. Investors pay a third-party cost of 1 euro for each trade with Trade Republic. So, buying an DAX share through LSX costs just 1 euro regardless of amount of the order.

Trade Republic customers are currently in a position to not trade funds. Fund investors are therefore forced to go to different providers and be looking for a broad selection of funds that do not have front-end load. Savings plans for ETFs can be created with Trade Republic starting at savings amounts of 25 euros. Trade Republic customers can choose from a range of ETFs. At present, 322 free ETFs are offered to be used for this purpose.


The broker online Trade Republic offers a favorable mobile option for traders. The fee for an order is just one euro. The non-fee-free trading model is ingenuous. Investors who are content with the basic trading options that only offers one exchange for derivatives and stocks can often save money on transaction fees. However those who prefer the benefits of a broad trading selection and would like to be able to choose which trading platform is best suited to their needs aren’t in the right place with Trade Republic.

Trade Republic – the broker in an eye

Berlin-based fintech firm Trade Republic launched in January 2019 following the issuance of the banking licence. Trade Republic targets retail investors and is aiming to offer investors the most “intuitive” and mobile trading platform that is as low as possible cost. Being a discount broker Trade Republic competes with other online brokers, such as Scalable Broker, justTRADE, DKB, Consorsbank or zero.

Awards and tests

Trade Republic was awarded in the category “Newcomer” at the award “Fintech of the Year 2019”.

Trade-Republic Depot is the trading service

What securities are available for investors to trade through Trade Republic? What securities can investors trade in the Trade Republic securities account? The following products can be traded at

Shares Bonds CFDs ETCs ETFs Funds Futures Options Warrants Currencies/ Forex Certificates

What software for trading can Trade Republic offer for trading? Trade Republic clients can only trade using Trade Republic’s Trade Republic app. A desktop trading screen does not exist.

Trade Republic Login | Security Procedure

Investors can access the online login at the URL On Trade Republic, login and trading is secured by two-factor authentication that consists that of an SMS as well as PIN.

Trade channels in Trade Republic

Customers can make their purchases through Trade Republic exclusively online in the app. The trading hours of LS Exchange range from 7:30 am until 11 midnight. Deivate is available for trading between 8:00 am and 10:15 after midnight.

Trading: Orders at Trade Republic

What types of order options are available to Trade Republic customers have? The types of orders that are available for Trade Republic customers are market order limit order, stop order. There aren’t any other options for orders accessible for Trade Republic clients. In terms of order validity is relevant, Trade Republic clients can select between an order that will only last for that particular day (valid for the entire day) as well as an order that can be used throughout the year.

Trade: Exchanges, places to place orders at Trade Republic

Investors may place orders with Trade Republic on the following trading platforms: Lang & Schwarz Exchange

Trade Republic clients can trade derivatives online, in an agreement with HSBC.

The trading of foreign exchange is not possible in Trade Republic.

Trade Republic offers real-time trading. Trade Republic

Trade Republic provides real-time quotes to its customers free of cost.

Options and futures trading

Trade via Eurex is not possible at Trade Republic. Eurex futures exchange isn’t feasible on Trade Republic.

Trading CFDs

CFD trade isn’t available on Trade Republic.

Trade Republic is a Forex broker. Trade Republic

Trading in forex is not permitted in Trade Republic.

Trade in funds at Trade Republic

Trade of funds isn’t allowed on the Trade Republic.

Save money by purchasing savings plans from Trade Republic

Trade Republic offers its clients the option of setting up savings plans for free for 322 ETFs. Additionally, there are the typical ETF charges for the product. The minimum investment will be 25 Euros. ETF savings plans are implemented at the following times that are monthly quarterly, quarterly, semi-annually and every year. Trade Republic does not offer savings plans for fund funds, certificates savings plans, or savings plans for shares.